Details of some WPanorama settings and features

Image size settings
It is also possible to resize the display window by dragging its edges or corners with the mouse.


Mini slide show parameters settings

Creation of an AVI file that can be used to insert a scrolling panorama into a movie

Panoramas search by keyword on your disk

Current panorama information display


Possibility to show on the map the location from where the panorama was shot

In the panorama show, it is possible to superimpose the description of each image or a logo to the panoramas. Both dialog boxes below can be used to set their parameters


WPanorama supports multi-monitor systems. From this panel it is possible to specify the virtual screen dimensions as well as the coordinates of the primary monitor top left corner

From this panel it is possible to customize the default parameters applied to the panoramas when there is no configuration file

From this dialog box it is possible to disable or enable the file associations allowing to launch a panorama, a panorama show or to export a panorama show to the screen saver simply with a double-click on the desktop

With WPanorama.exe, it is possible to display the pictures in full screen mode. The user can chose between default mode or all the graphic modes supported by his graphic board and monitor. It is possible to fine tune all the modes in order to get the optimal display quality for each of them.
This is done with the panel below

Since the screen saver can be set to use the various display modes, it will also use these settings

WPanorama can signal you at startup if a new version is available. If it is the case, it is possible to download it directly from the website.
You can chose whether you want to be notified of the final versions only or of the beta versions as well. This option can also be completely disabled.